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The  Honeytone  production team of Patrick Boland, Marty Brueggemann and Jeff Patlingrao

The Honeytone production team of Patrick Boland, Marty Brueggemann and Jeff Patlingrao

Honeytone is a state of the art recording studio built into a beautiful victorian mansion. Our collection of instruments, microphones and recording equipment is extensive and reflects our deep commitment to quality.  Our space is warm, unique and inspiring - Honeytone is a home away from home with comfortable lodging on location.

Our goal is to bring together the very best in vintage and modern production philosophy to create recordings of the highest possible quality. Our engineers are friendly and patient, emphasizing thoughtfulness over expediency in capturing a custom recording. From pre-production to finished mix, we look forward to assisting in bringing any part of your next project to life.

The Honeytone production team (Patrick Boland, Marty Brueggemann & Jeff Patlingrao) bring decades of composing, arranging & engineering expertise to each project and are devoted to showcasing the full potential of every song.


"The collaborators who run Honeytone Studios... they've built this smorgasbord with everything at your fingertips to make great sounds, and are incredibly meticulous and thoughtful. They put all their energy and focus in facilitating this music - I can't even express how valuable that is"
- J.E. Sunde, (Cartouche Records) Minneapolis, MN

"Recording at Honeytone was a sweet treat. Warm and cozy atmosphere as soon as you arrive and working with Patrick and the boyz was easy. The time and energy they put into every detail along with the crazy nice equipment there is heard in every tune they work on."
- Samuel Carothers, (Sister Wife) Rock Island, IL

"Honeytone Studios, I think, is held in such high esteem by everyone who gets the opportunity to be creative there not only because it's owned and operated by three of the most kind, knowledgable, and passionate studio engineers I've ever encountered, or that it's got such a large inventory of world class equipment, but also (and perhaps most important to myself) because it's very purely an escape from the sterility of the garage, the basement, the bedroom, or any other place where music is typically painstakingly conceived. It's a small world in and of itself; an old house in a quaint Midwestern neighborhood where you leave your troubles at the door and realise your dreams once inside."
-Amos Pitsch (Tenement, Dusk) Appleton, WI

"Honeytone is without a doubt one of the Midwest's hidden musical treasures. As someone with a capable home recording setup, the reason I repeatedly go back to Honeytone has everything to do with their philosophy, expertise, and contagious enthusiasm for every project they take on. Patrick, Mark, and Marty have so much respect, patience, and genuine care for every artist that comes through the door it is truly a magical experience getting to play and record my music with them. At Honeytone, you are family. You are never rushed, and your ideas are treated with the same care and respect as if they had been tracking Dylan himself."
-Shawn Wiederhöft, (Recreation Station) Chicago, IL

"5 years ago, I came to Honeytone to record an EP knowing very little about the studio.  They have been involved in every recording I’ve made since then.  The studio is an impressive work of art itself, but the reason I kept returning was the owners’ passion for the music they were creating and for music in general.  Patrick, Mark, and Marty put as much energy and thought into the songs as I did. It felt truly collaborative, and the albums came out better because of it."
Ben Radecki, (Francis Scanner) Minneapolis, MN

"Go for the unique and expansive gear, but certainly you'll discover that it's the team effort at Honeytone that makes this place so special.  Patrick, Marty, and Mark have an endless enthusiasm for the entire process.  Such a rare find, a combination of people that are a joy to work with, have great technical prowess, and the patience to experiment.  For me, it's the perfect destination studio to focus on my music because they absolutely make it about the music.  I was looking for something different, something with vibe, an encouraging space to bounce ideas, and I found it all in Neenah, Wisconsin."
-Darren Garvey (Elephant Revival) Chicago, IL

Honeytone Records is an independent record label showcasing Singles, EPs and Albums of artists we've recorded.
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